Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Welcome to our blog! 
We’re creating this blog as a means to exchange information to help us become better gardeners; better organic gardeners.  At times this is a tough and daunting job, but it’s a passion that brings us together as the community of the Crows Woods Gardeners.  So let’s get this blog started…
The gardeners have been very busy this year and as a result, the plots are looking great.  The new gardeners have brought with them great enthusiasm and determination. I’ve been told that the plots have not looked this good in a very long time.  Great job everyone!
As a reminder that in addition to taking care of your plot you are also responsible for taking care the walking paths around your plot.  The borough will be dropping off a fresh supply of wood chips near the softball field to make the job of maintaining the paths easier.
There have been a few reports of potato bugs but good vigilance and daily pickings have kept them at bay.  We are also starting to see Harlequin Beetles make their summer return.  The best defense is a good offense.  Check your plots on a regular basis, and remove any unwanted insects as you see them.  This is a time consuming task but well worth it for the organic gardener.  If you have had success at keeping these insects at bay, feel free to share them with us.   

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  1. Thanks for setting up the Blog Mauricio!
    I have a comment/question. Yesterday when I was at the garden, there was a bird that was stuck in some netting that was put over some veggies in one of the gardens. We went to try to help it out with the handle of a rake and the bird eventually freed itself. Just wandering if there is a substitute covering that wouldn't trap the birds underneath?