Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Preventing "Marauding Varmints" From Eating Cucumber Seedlings

I covered my cucumber seedlings with mesh to protect them marauding varmints who have chewed down at least three plantings of cucumber  seeds and seedlings this season.  Since  I made sure to anchor the mesh with the V ends  that I cut from old  metal dress hangers, so far the new seedlings are doing fine.   Here's my problem:  Will the mesh prevent bees and butterflies from pollinating  my cucumber blossoms?  Will that keep me from getting cucumbers?  I'm afraid to remove the mesh.

Mary Previte
Plot #21

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  1. Mary, it's been a few weeks since you posted your concerns, what have you found the results to be?

    My problems haven't been so much with marauding varmints as it has been with marauding insects. My Swiss Chard had been going gangbusters, but something kept taking several bites out of each and every leaf, to the point that none of the leaves was edible. I finally decided to call it a night, and pulled it all out this morning. I'll replace it with some Fall vegetables instead.